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Inspired by every student whose told they can’t be an artist because it doesn’t “make enough money”.

The motto of people who have never grown up so poor that kids made fun of them for the holes in their shoes and/or having to take home and wash the sandwich baggies your PB&J was packed in. I actively chose a different career in the hopes of never having to live like that again, and instead do what I love in the down time I have when I come home from my 8-5 corporate job. Sometimes happiness is a full belly and electricity that isn’t cut off four times a year. 

^^Reblogging for Heather’s commentary. Please don’t measure other people’s happiness and fulfillment by your own expectations. Please appreciate that everyone does not have the same desires or privileges you have. 

#i hate these insensitive posts and comics so much #i got told of by a classmate way back about caring about having a job with a good income#some people dont get it (euchroma)

There are few things I hate more than this sort of insulting, specious, privileged advice. I’ve yet to meet anyone in that position who didn’t have a fallback by way of family, partners, etc. Oh, I’ve met a few who claim they didn’t, but they did, they just weren’t framing it that way.

It’s such complete and utter bullshit. Also, holy crap, LOVE KNITTING OPEN A YARN SHOP? WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK? WHAT SORT OF IDIOTIC TRUST FUND HIPPIE IS WRITING THIS BULLSHIT? “Love knitting? Make your money running a retail store with an almost non-existent profit margin! I’m sure someone will loan your broke ass the capital to start one! BECAUSE SELLING YARN IS JUST LIKE KNITTING, AM I RIGHT?”

Ever just want to sit someone down, shut them the fuck up, and spend about 48 hours explaining to them in fine detail just how wrong they are before you make them write it a thousand times on a damn chalkboard?

Yeah…as a failed actress, this comic always pisses me off.

My detailed response here: A DAY JOB IS NOT AN ART CRIME.

"This job has no benefits, no guarantees. Nothing. If you don’t make enough money to pay for every dime of your health care, your retirement, and all your business expenses, as well as your daily living needs, you are not making it as a professional creator. Getting by is not good enough.

Self awareness is key in this business, and some creators just don’t have it. They live on dreams.

But dreams don’t pay the bills.”

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