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Meanwhile in Mosul.

It’s the Nazis all over again. 

When my Dad worked in Egypt for a year, he made friends with Egyptian Christians and went to a Protestant Egyptian church (where someone translated the sermon in his ear so he could understand). I got to visit Egypt and talk to some of the (English speaking) Christians there. They told me that when the Muslims came in, they (Christians) were given the option to convert. They refused. The majority of the Christians in Egypt died that way. In honor of that sacrifice, all the current Christians in Egypt have a tattoo of a cross on their wrist or their upper arm, so if the slaughter should happen again (and they wouldn’t be surprised if it did), they wouldn’t be able to deny Christ. The evidence on their skin would prevent them from betraying.

That is beautiful.

I haven’t talked about this much, what’s going on with the persecution of Christians and other minorities in places like Syria. Honestly, I’m not quite as worried about those Christians… I think our church here in the West would be better off if we were persecuted half as much. It would discourage a lot of fakers and casual Christians from corrupting the church.

Do pray for persecuted Christians, but pray more for those who are persecuting them, and for others who are living in fear under these regimes.



Eugene Cho has just released a book today called Overrated: Are We More In Love With The Idea of Changing The World Than Actually Changing The World?  The foreword is also by one of my favorite authors, Donald Miller, who wrote Blue Like Jazz.

One of the other reasons I’m so excited for this book is because Eugene Cho put in my testimony, about the time I gave away half my salary to fight human trafficking.  I’m just crazy honored and humbled to be part of his work.

Back in 2012, I wrote a check for $10,000 to the charity One Day’s Wages, and after an awareness campaign, someone anonymously donated enough to make a matching contribution of another $10,000.  If you want to see what the money does, check here

It was one of the most exciting things I’ve ever done, and I don’t say any of this to brag.  I say this to brag on God, who makes all this possible, and to brag on the millions of untold stories of real sacrifice, courage, and reckless grace.  In a world so hurting, there are still people fighting for real change.

— J.S.



10 Common Fast Food Myths Debunked.

I can’t tell you how many fast food hoaxes and misinformation goes across my Facebook page from well meaning people and friends. I wish people would figure out that just because something is bad for you in large quantities, doesn’t mean it’s bad for you in small quantities. And villainizing fast food doesn’t make you cool or healthy either. =_=;;

I had never heard of the #1 thing about the finger the woman “found” in her chili. That she bought and planted in her food. It’s extra eerie that she not only went to those lengths to try and get money, but realizing even when you already know there is a market out there for human body parts. 9_9

(Source: thecoopcosplay)


Anonymous asked:

$100 is a lot of money for a single page.







how much is a loaf of bread? hm? $3? $5? 

At my local grocery store, bread is about $4.50 for a decent size italian loaf. If I make $7.25 and hour, that means I’d have to work 37 and a half minutes for a Loaf of bread.

but hey, that’s not so bad right? Work two hours and you’ll have a sandwich, eh?

Oh hey, turns out I also need toilet paper, rice, chicken, some veggies, a can of soup, and some cereal. (to name a few basic groceries one might need on a budget) we’ll round those things down to $25 just to make the math easier.

at $7.25 an hour I’ll have to work about 3 and a half hours for basic groceries.

That doesn’t include bills or gas or all the other groceries I need, That’s ONE quick trip to the store and I already have to work half a day just for that.

You don’t understand Anon, my pages could take HOURS if not DAYS. Between the sketching, inking, colouring, lettering, and finishing it’s taken at least a full two day’s work if not longer for each page.

I have a job that pays me beans, I cannot afford to post more pages a week without compensation. I literally cannot afford to do that. Not to mention the idea that art is only worth minimum wage cheapens the amount of work and effort that goes into producing it. I should be making WELL ABOVE minimum wage for my art via page count and commissions but it’s this damn “deviant art” mindset that makes people feel like they’re being swindled for paying a livable wage to artists. It’s rude and childish and I ask that you please stop considering artists as less worthy of affording a normal life.

You can either pay me what I ask for what you want or stop complaining about what I already give you for free.


I cannot fucking stand people who tell illustrators that something they produce is too expensive.

Yall motherfuckers want cheap? Go get some paper, get a fucking pencil and then draw it your motherfucking selves because nobody freelancing on the internet who hasn’t even half made it in the illustration world is charging you ANYTHING close to industry pricing even when some of us are as good if not better. Why? Because of people like Anon. Your name must be out there and known to charge anything close to what your time and skill is worth. Yet still? You are paying for my effort, my time, my blood, sweat and tears and a lifetime of learning my trade.

A cheap page for yo ass is a piece of paper I haven’t touched yet.


(As a freelancer I cannot staaaaaaaaaaaaaand people who pull this dogshit.)

$100 is pretty cheap for a page.

Basic math, for Anon up there: Break that $100 down into an hourly rate. Factor in materials. Factor in skill and schooling and experience. Bear in mind that a page rate *at all* means there’s a good chance it’s work-for-hire, which means that $100 a page might be all the artist gets, ever.

And then, when you’ve done that math, think about what that means in terms of how few comics artists make a living hourly wage.

Want a pro artist, anon? Pay them like a fucking pro.

I’d like to add the a professional of any stripe has the duty to themselves, and the right to charge a rate based on his skill level and the work he or she puts in.

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